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3 Ways to Remove Crayon Marks from Walls

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The house cleaner’s enemy.

Cleaning with White Vinegar

The Land of Clean’s favorite natural ways to clean the house is to use white vinegar. Luckily, white vinegar is an excellent way to clean off crayon marks from walls. Maids from our house cleaning services in Plano, TX recommend dabbing crayon marks with a new dishwashing sponge soaked in white vinegar. This will usually do the trick of removing crayon marks from walls without damaging the paint underneath.

Use Bread as an Eraser

One of our clients recommended this trick to erase crayon marks from walls. Our Plano maids checked it out and decided that it works! Roll a piece of bread into a tight ball. Start rubbing the crayon marks on the wall as if slowly erasing them. It may take a while, but the dirty marks should start to disappear. This might not be perfect, but using bread is a great natural way to clean up after kids without using any chemicals.

Mayonnaise as a Cleaner

If white vinegar and bread don’t work then it is time to break out Land of Clean’s most unusual recommendation for cleaning up after the kids: mayonnaise. The oils found in mayo do wonders to break off waxy crayon marks from walls. The cleaning method is simple. Dab a little mayonnaise onto the crayon marks. Land of Clean’s Plano house cleaners recommend testing a small spot first. Wait a few minutes after applying the mayo used to clean the walls. Return with a soft damp cloth. Apply pressure and wipe the mark off the wall. House cleaning can be as simple as that.

Do you have any other natural cleaning tips? Please let us know in the comments below.

If you can’t seem to get marks around the house cleaned off of your walls, call the Land of Clean at (214) 865-6166 or get a free cleaning quote below. Our Plano, TX house cleaners look forward to hearing from you!




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