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4 Natural Spot Cleaners for Fabrics

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Sure looks like another grass stain that needs to be cleaned up.

The maid service at Land of Clean’s Frisco, TX location put together a few ways to spot clean washable fabrics using natural/green ingredients. Before mixing together these cleaning formulas yourself, grab a few clean spray bottles for application and storage for future use. All of these spotters can be used just the same as store-bought spotters. However, be sure to use each cleaner for its specific stain type and only use on washable fabrics. Don’t use these homemade detergents on other fabrics such as wool, silk, spandex, acetate or acrylic.

All-Purpose General Spot Remover

For a general cleaner to be used on all stains, combine the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

1 Part rubbing alcohol

2 Parts water

After combining these ingredients in a spray bottle, shake the spray bottle well and spray onto the dirty area. Wait for awhile, then put clothes in washing machine and wash as usual.

Grass, Fruit or Beverage Spot Remover

For more ground in plant-based stains, combine and mix the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

1 Part dishwashing liquid

1 Part white vinegar

1 Part water

 After mixing, spray the solution onto the stained area. Work in well. Wait a few minutes and then clean the fabric as normal.

Spot Remover for Oily Stains

Oily stains can be a real nuisance. Our maid service recommends cleaning them by combining the following (increase amounts as needed in same proportions):

1 Tablespoon dishwashing liquid

1 Tablespoon glycerin

8 Tablespoons water

Work the mixture into the stain and let stand for a few minutes. Rinse well. Place soiled items in washer and clean as normal.

Spot Remover for Non-Oily Stains

For tough non-oily stains combine the following ingredients together. Only use this formula on washable fabrics like cotton and not on wool, silk or other materials as listed earlier. This solution is good for milk stains, blood stains, and other tough stains like urine or perspiration.

1 Part dishwashing liquid

1 Part ammonia

1 Part water

Apply this formula to the dirty spot, working in well. Let stand a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Make sure that the ammonia does not mix with any chlorine-based dishwashing or clothes washing products during this process.

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