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5 Everyday Cleaning Go-To Tips!!

5 cleaning tips

5 Great Everyday Go-To Tips that we, at Land Of Clean, love to live by!

Super simple things that make your every day cleaning that much better.

1.Get baked-on foods off pots and pans with this laundry staple!! Just place a dryer sheet in a dirty grimy pot. Fill the pot with warm water and let sit overnight, then sponge off the next morning. And Presto! The antistatic agent weakens the bond between the stuck-on food and the surface of the pan, while the fabric softener works its loosening magic.

2.To keep bacteria at bay in your kitchen sponges, rinse them with water at the end of each day, squeeze, then put in the microwave  for three minutes. Let cool before touching. Do the same with your cutting boards, if they are micro-waveable.

3.Harness the power of lemons to clean your microwave (and so much more!). Cut a lemon in half, and squeeze the juice into a small bowl of water, add both lemon halves and place in the microwave for five minutes. The fresh scent eliminates cooking odors, and condensation from the steam loosens random splatters that have hardened. Wipe away the loose stains with a damp cloth. (be sure to save your lemon water for the next time you are cleaning your shower!)

4.After going over your bathtub, sink or shower with disinfectant, wipe the area with baby oil or lemon oil. Do this once or twice a month to help dirty water  bead and roll down the drain faster leaving less time for that pesky soap scum to take hold. And buying you more time before the next cleaning, we love that!

5.A dry paintbrush (with bristles at least 3 inches long) is great for both the surface and grooves of your collectibles. Dust framed photos with a pastry brush,  which is softer than a paintbrush and easier to dip into corners and places that are difficult to reach.


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