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A Few Tips on How to Keep your Iron Clean

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No we don’t do laundry at Land of Clean, but we are the best house cleaning service you can find in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Our maids put together a few tips on how to keep a vital item around the house clean and spotless: the clothes iron. There is nothing worse than unknowingly picking up a dirty iron and ruining a perfectly clean shirt. Read on to find out how to keep your trusty iron clean and ready for use.

How to Clean the Water Reservoir / Steamer

If you read our blog, then you will definitely have some white vinegar already stocked in your house. Fill the steam iron’s water reservoir with 1/2 distilled water and 1/2 white vinegar. Plug in and turn on the iron, allowing to heat up and steam for several minutes. Turn off and unplug the iron. Let rest for at least an hour. Empty the iron and refill with clean water. Turn on the iron as normal to steam setting. Run the iron over some old cotton cloth until you are satisfied all remnants of white vinegar are gone.

Cleaning Irons with a Metal Base

Irons using a metal base are the most common irons sold. Turn the iron over to check if the base is shiny. This typically means that the factory did not put a non-stick finish on it. Cleaning these irons is relatively simple. Sprinkle table salt onto a brown paper bag from the grocery store. Plug in the iron and set to a lower non-steam setting. Run the iron over the salt on the bag. After the iron has been unplugged and cooled completely, you can remove any additional remaining residue by applying some white non-gel toothpaste on the bottom and then running a clean damp cloth over it. Rinse and clean the toothpaste off well after you are done.

Cleaning Heavy Buildup on a Metal Iron

Sometimes metal irons will attract heavy buildup on the ironing surface such as burned-in fabrics that can’t be easily solved by salt or toothpaste. Oven cleaner can help this situation. Wrap the base of the iron tightly in aluminum foil to protect the plastic sides. Leave the bottom metal ironing surface exposed. Spray the bottom plate with oven cleaner and let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse well. Then, using a pipe cleaner, q-tip or cotton swab, clean out the steam holes in the bottom plate. Rinse the bottom plate again. Fill the iron with water, plug in and put on steam setting. Run the iron over a clean cotton cloth until you are satisfied that the iron is clean and free of residue.

Cleaning Irons with a Non-Stick Base

Non-stick irons should be cleaned differently than metal irons. Make sure the iron is unplugged and cool. Apply some laundry pre-wash liquid to a clean damp rag. Use this to clean and wipe the surface of the non-stick sole plate. Rinse off well. Plug in and turn on the iron to steam setting. Iron a clean cotton cloth until you are satisfied the bottom of the iron is clean.

Regular Maintenance

We recommend emptying the water reservoir after every ironing session and refilling prior to the next. Before ironing clothes, set the iron to steam and run over a clean item of cotton fabric to make sure the iron is clean and ready to go.

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