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A Maid’s Secret Deodorizing Tips

deodorizing tips

This house looks clean, but does it smell clean?

The maids at Land of Clean are asked from time to time about ways to keep living spaces clean smelling. Here are a few tips from our maids.

Naturally Deodorizing a House

Guests coming over? The easiest way to quickly create a warm feeling in a house and mask mild odors it to brew up a fresh pot of coffee. Another natural deodorizing method is using wintergreen extract. Buy some evergreen oil at a health food store or natural supermarket. Dab on cotton balls and place strategically around the house. If you don’t like wintergreen, the health food store will most likely have other essential oils to be used in the same manner.

Keep those Trunks and Drawers Smelling Fresh

Wood drawers and trunks in humid climates or in humid areas of the house like bathrooms will often begin to have a mildew smell. To deodorize these areas, get a slice of white bread, place in a bowl and add white vinegar to cover the slice of bread. Place the bowl in the trunk or cabinet. Close the trunk or cabinet and leave for about 24 hours.  Keep repeating if the mildew odor remains. Make a sandwich from the remaining loaf of white bread while you are waiting. At last resort, re-varnish or repaint wood drawers that refuse to be deodorized. This will seal in any smells.

How to Help a Smelly Car

Are you embarrassed to give anyone a ride in your car because of smokey or musty smells? Our maids have a couple of tips to keep your automobile smelling clean and fresh. Cat litter is a great way to fight musty smells. Put some cat litter in a nylon stocking and tie off securely. Place under seats and in the trunk. Use as much cat litter as you think is needed. For smokey smells, make sure you empty your ashtray frequently and keep baking soda in the bottom of the ashtray, replacing every time you empty it. In addition, putting dryer fabric softener sheets under car seats will also help absorb odor.

The best way to keeping your house smelling fresh is always to make sure it is clean regularly. Please call our maids at Land of Clean at (214) 865-6166 to stop by and clean so you can spend your time doing more important things. For a free no obligation online quote, click the link below.

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