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August Checklist for Dallas House Cleaning and Maintenance

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A monthly cleaning checklist is your stairway to success.

End of Summer Housecleaning is Important

Here is your checklist for keeping the house clean during August and recommended outdoor maintenance.  August is hot and dry in the greater Dallas area.  Before starting, be sure and check what Dallas weather forecast is and be sure that you are well hydrated before doing any work outside.  We recommend doing outside work either early in the morning or around sunset.  As you check through the August checklist for Dallas house cleaning and maintenance, use the daytime hours for your inside tasks.

  • Check toilets

Listen to toilets to make sure no water is leaking from the tank into the bowl.  A hissing sound indicates that the rubber stopper between the tank and bowl is not sealing properly.  If you don’t hear any sound or don’t have the time to listen, place a drop or two of food coloring in the tank after both bowl and tank are full. Don’t flush the toilet!  Come back several hours later to see if there is any color in the bowl.  If the bowl water is discolored then there is a leak in the toilet.

  • Clean sink drains

Grease in the kitchen and hair in the bathroom can clog drains.  Turn on your faucets to make sure water is draining properly. Try to avoid chemical cleaners that may damage pipes.  We recommend using simple household items such as mixing a solution of equal parts of salt, baking soda and vinegar. For more difficult clogs, handheld “snakes” are very useful and can be found at your local hardware store at minimal expense.  Also, pull out all drain plugs and clean them.  Many services are available as a Dallas cleaning service if you don’t want to do this yourself.  We recommend Softscrub or other mild cleaners for minor cleaning jobs.

  • Fix leaks

Check your faucets inside and outside the house for leaks.  Outside faucets tend to be abused over the summer either by turning valves too hard in shutting down water, or yanking from pulling hoses across the lawn. Check for puddling below outdoor faucets.  Indoor faucets will drip into sinks or showers after being turned off.  We recommend you call the plumber to fix these leaks.

  • Check washer and dryer

Make sure your dryer vent is clean.  A clean dryer vent helps keep hot air blowing out of your house and keeps the AC bills down.  A clogged vent is also a fire hazard.   Run a vacuum hose into the dryer vent while the dryer is off to remove any excess lint that has gathered over time.  Check the hoses on the washing machine to make sure none are cracked.  Cracked hoses can break and cause extensive water damage in the house.

  • Check and maintain water heater

Now is the time to check the water heater.  It is hot outside so the water heater tends to not be used as extensively as in the winter.  Check the insulation wrapping the heater.  Buy an insulating blanket for the heater if you don’t have one.  Check the floor around the heater to make sure there are no leaks.  Make sure the water heater is professionally maintained at least once a year.

  • Upgrade locks

August is burglary month.  More residential burglaries occur in August than any other month.  Repair and replace any broken locks. Install deadbolt locks if you don’t already have them.   Check all window locks to make sure the are functioning and engaged if windows are closed.

  • Maintain lawn health

Lawns at this time of the year are under tremendous stress.  Make sure that lawns are properly watered and fed.  Water only when the grass looks dry (but not dead) and add fertilizer towards the end of the month as long as the last fertilization was no sooner than eight weeks prior.  Conserve water in Dallas as much as possible.

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