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Clean Rust Spots from Knives with Lemon Juice

Green Cleaning for Texas Kitchens

A common question our maids hear is “Why do my stainless steel knives have rust on them and how can I clean them?” Believe it or not, soaking knives and silverware in the sink or running them through the dishwasher a few times is the cause of rust spots. Good chef’s knives should be hand washed and dried by hand before being put away. Due to busy schedules it is easier just to put everything in the dishwasher and live with the spots.  Our expert maids have the solution for you, and it involves our simple, safe and green cleaning friend: lemon juice!

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Grab some lemons from your refrigerator or buy the prepackaged lemon juice sold by grocery stores. Pour the lemon juice in a tall clean glass.  Place any knives or silverware with rust spots into the clean glass. After a few minutes, the lemon juice will loosen up the rust spots for you to scrub them off after removing the utensils from the glass. Use common dish soap to scrub off the spots. Rinse, dry and put them away.

This technique doesn’t reverse any damage that the rust has caused but does make the knives look better. From now on, try to hand wash the utensils to keep the spots from returning.  If you can’t hand clean every piece of silverware, then concentrate on keeping the cooking and chef knives spot free by keeping them out of the dishwasher.

And pour that lemon juice down your garbage disposal after you are done to help keep things clean and fresh.  Just another cleaning tip from our Frisco maids at Land of Clean to you! Read more at Cleaning with Lemon Juice for Knives from Embracing the Moment


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