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Cleaning After a Dinner Party: Our Lewisville Maids’ Minimal Checklist

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5 Easy Steps for a Quick Clean Up before Bed

Our Lewisville, TX maids put together this quick cleaning plan for you to do before going to bed to make life a lot easier the day after hosting a dinner party. Our maids know that no one likes to clean up late at night, especially after a few glasses of wine and a full belly.  Just put the dirty dishes in the sink and call it a night, right? Wrong.  These five simple and easy steps, if done at night, will make life a lot more enjoyable (and cleaner) when you wake up.

1. Clean and clear the tables

What’s the first thing most people see in the morning before going into the kitchen?  We are guessing that most likely it’s the living and dining areas leading into the kitchen.  These are also the areas where most parties spend the most time and tend to be messy.  Don’t stress yourself out in the morning by seeing chaos as soon as you get up.  Take a few minutes to clear the tabletops, wipe down, push chairs in and pick up trash.  Even if your kitchen is still dirty, at least the rest of you house will be clean and peaceful in the morning.

2. Throw out or put leftovers in the refrigerator

Food spoils quickly. Our cleaners suggest storing food as soon as not needed, even during the party.  The more cleaning done during the party, the less that will remain after.  When the party is finished, immediately put away or throw out food.  Not only will you be able to enjoy it later, but the food won’t dry and stick to pots and dishes left out overnight.

3. Rinse stuck on food

Rinse and place partially clean dishes in the dishwasher. Place dishes with dried or stuck on food in the sink and fill with water. Here’s a tip that’s known by most cleaning services (and especially our Lewisville maids): Don’t use a liquid dish washing soap, for example Palmolive, in dirty pots for your overnight pre-soak prior to putting in the dishwasher in the morning.  Use some powdered dishwasher soap like Cascade instead.  Powdered soaps have enzymes that do a better job of breaking up grease and crud than liquids.  If you don’t have a dishwasher, put powdered dish soap into a large pot, add dishes and silverware and in the morning these items will practically be clean.

4. Add water to large dirty pots

Not all pots will fit in the sink or be clean enough to put in the dishwasher.  Just add water to them and place them on the counter, maybe with some powdered soap. The water and soap will do your cleaning work for you overnight.

5. Put some water in the red wine glasses

Wine glasses in the dishwasher can be a big mistake.  Wine glasses tend to stick up, fall over and may be easily broken when pulling out the washing rack in the dishwasher.  Set the glasses aside, fill with water and either hand clean or put in the dishwasher the next day.  Adding water keeps flecks of dried-out wine from gathering in the bottom and being difficult to clean out.

It all else fails, we are happy to help.  Just call our cleaning service in Lewisville, TX at (214) 865-6166 or one of our other locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area and our maids will come by to help out.

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