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Cleaning Kitchen Stove Burners the Easy Way

Our Frisco TX Maids can clean this greasy mess.

Our Frisco TX Maids can clean this greasy mess.

 Clean Kitchen Stove Burners the Easy Way, with Ammonia

There are basically two ways you can clean off the greasy gunky mess that accumulates on the typical stove burner. The usual way is to grab a sponge and cleaner and start scrubbing. An easier way is to call our Frisco, TX maids from Land of Clean to come over and clean your kitchen stove as part of our service. An even easier way is a simple method using two ingredients: ammonia and time.

Our ammonia method uses the ammonia fumes to soften up and clean each burner. Grab a large ziploc bag. Add about 1/4 cup ammonia and one of the burners. Zip up the bag tightly and place the bag with ammonia and stove burner on a rimmed cooking pan (just in case of spillage). Let the burner stand in the ammonia overnight and by the next morning, cleaning up is as easy as cleaning up with an ordinary sponge.

Alternatively, by using a large heavy duty garbage bag and a little more ammonia you can place all stove burners together overnight. Nothing beats cleaning grease better than some well applied ammonia.

Some of our clients have asked our maids if just putting dirty stove burners in the oven and running the self-cleaning cycle is a better solution. We don’t recommend that you do this. Please see our article on oven cleaning to find out why.

Or Better Yet, Call Land of Clean’s Frisco TX Maids

Don’t want to clean the kitchen yourself? Please call the Land of Clean’s Frisco TX Maids. Our cleaning service professionals love making our clients lives cleaner and happier. Call us today at 214-865-6166.

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