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Cleaning Up Pet Accidents on Upholstered Furniture

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One question our Frisco, TX house cleaning service often gets is how to clean up pet accidents on upholstered couches. If you have a pet, an accident is bound to happen at least once and especially if you have a new puppy. Here are a few pointers our maids put together to help with this eventuality.

Check How the Fabric Should Be Cleaned

Every piece of upholstered furniture should have a tag listing a cleaning code. These codes are W, S, S/W and X. If the tag has a W, it can be cleaned with water. Most pieces of dining and living room furniture have a W tag. This is the most durable type of upholstery. Cleaning with water is easy. Blot the accident, then blot again with water or soda water. With this type of fabric, you should also be able to safely rent an upholstery cleaning machine from a hardware store for heavier cleaning.

If the furniture tag reads S, then you will need a solvent to clean up any spills or stains. Call a professional for this job, and don’t use any of the pet cleaning products containing enzymes or other spotters on this fabric.

Tags with S/W and X don’t appear often on fabric furniture. S/W means solvent or water may be used to clean. In this case, call a professional. X means that the object can only be vacuumed. We rarely encounter this.

Advice on Cleaning a Mattress

A very impolite thing pets do is to have an accident on the bed. Yuck. The first thing to do is remove all sheets and coverings and blot that spill. Wash the sheets and other bedding as per their instructions. After blotting, go to the store and rent a steam extraction machine. Use this to remove the urine. Keep cleaning with the machine and attempt to extract as much moisture as possible. Dry the bed at least 12 hours by standing on its edge. If odor still persists, use an upholstery deodorizer on the accident spot. After completely dry, flip or turn the mattress so that the accident is on the bottom or foot of the bed.

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