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Frisco Maids’ 11 Ways to Make Flower Arrangements Last Longer

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Fresh Frisco Flowers.

A clean home looks and smells even better with fresh flowers arranged in a vase. In fact, a vase of flowers is one of the easiest ways to brighten up any room. Our Land of Clean Frisco maids put together 11 ways to keep flower arrangements looking fresh for our customers.

  1. Clean your vase before putting any flowers in it, making sure that all soap residue is gone before adding flowers.
  2. Drop a copper penny into the bottom of the vase.
  3. Fill the vase with a mixture of aspirin, sugar, water and 1/4 teaspoon of an antibacterial agent like white vinegar, vodka or even bleach.
  4. Place stems underwater when cutting them.
  5. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle every day.
  6. Remove any leaves that become submerged in the water.
  7. Cut away any dead leaves or flowers as soon as possible.
  8. Place flower away from any appliances that give off heat and dry out the flowers such as a tv, toaster or stove.
  9. Other plants and fruits may give off ethylene gas with will cause flowers to wilt. Keep flowers away from them.
  10. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and any wind or fans.
  11. Change the water in the vase often.

That’s it. Just follow these steps and you should be able to keep a bouquet of flowers fresh for as long as possible.

Our Frisco maid service loves to keep houses looking and smelling fresh. Please call us at Land of Clean today at (214) 865-6166 or get your free house cleaning quote below.

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