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Frisco TX Maids Tips for Carpet Spot Removal

The Frisco Maid’s Secret Weapon for Quick Spot Removal on Carpets and Rugs

Did something just spill on your carpet? Don’t panic! Our Frisco, TX maids are here to give the best advice on how to get those carpets and rugs cleaned back to normal. Land of Clean to the rescue! The first step is to be prepared beforehand. Always have the house cleaner’s secret weapon well stocked and on hand in your home: Club Soda.

Frisco TX Maids

Blot that spot until it is clean.

If you or one of your guests spill a drink or other liquid, follow these steps:

Blot up as much as you can. For small liquid spills, blot with paper towels as much as possible. For larger spills, lay some old towels over the spill and blot. Standing on top of the towels on the dirty area can help the towels absorb moisture in the carpet.

When cleaning a carpet stain, never rub. Always blot. Rubbing will cause the stain to spread out and be ground into the carpet.

For spills that have solids, scrape as much off of the carpet as possible before blotting any liquids. Old credit cards are a great tool to use when scraping up spills.

Now, pour the club soda on the spill. Don’t be afraid to pour the club soda on heavy. Carbonation in the soda will both dilute any potential stains, while bubbling up the spilled liquid. Reapply dry towels to the area, standing on them to help soak up the stain.

Repeat this process of pouring on club soda, applying a towel to blot, and standing on the towel until the stain is gone and your towel is coming up clean.

Finally, use a carpet stain remover as the last step after blotting up as much as possible.

Need more help cleaning? Call our Frisco TX maids at the Land of Clean 214-865-6166. We love making the world a cleaner and happier place.


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