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How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

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A clean board in a clean kitchen.

Land of Clean’s maid service in Frisco TX doesn’t clean cutting boards, but we do have a few tips on the best ways to clean and maintain one.

Cleaning the Cutting Board

After normal use, wooden cutting boards are best cleaned with hot water and some mild soap. Dry with a clean paper towel and leave out on its side to air dry. One thing to note is to never submerge or soak a wooden cutting board and never put it in the dishwasher. Soaking a wooden board in water may harm the moisture balance of the board and cause it to split.

To deodorize a the board, first wet it and then rub with some dry mustard. Wait for a few minutes while the board sits, then rinse.

Our maids in Frisco also recommend using lemon juice to remove stains and clean a board. Just rub the board with a cut lemon and allow to stand 15 minutes. The lemon will also help to kill bacteria. Rinse and dry. Another method is to first sprinkle coarse salt onto the board, then rub with the lemon and rinse and dry.

The best way to disinfect a cutting board is with some diluted chlorine bleach. Mix together 3 teaspoons of liquid chlorine bleach for every quart of water. If you have an empty clean spray bottle, you can use this to store and apply the mild disinfecting solution. Spray the board, let sit for at least 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Dry with a paper towel and then allow the cutting board to air dry completely.

Maintaining the Wood

Make sure that your cutting board does not dry out too much. At least every 3 to 4 weeks, put some mineral oil on the board. Rub in the mineral oil with a lint free cloth or clean paper towel. Apply until the board stops absorbing the oil. Place the board on its side and let stand overnight. Wipe off any excess oil the next day. If you don’t have any mineral oil then pure tung oil, walnut oil and almond oil can be used. Just make sure no one eating food prepared on the board has a nut allergy if using these alternatives. Don’t use vegetable oils or olive oil to maintain a wooden cutting board. These types of oils will turn rancid.

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