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How to Clean and Remove Marks from Walls

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The Frisco Texas Maids Way to Spot Clean Home Walls

Ink, crayon and general marks are common in most homes with children. Almost as common are the questions our Frisco Texas maids get from home owners about how to clean and remove these type of marks from walls.

Cleaning Marker and Pen Ink from Walls

When cleaning magic marker and pen ink from walls, make sure that you spot carefully. Cleaning around the spot may cause it to spread. Use household items as cleaners such as rubbing alcohol, hair spray or denatured alcohol that can be found at most local hardware stores.

Cleaning Crayon Marks Around the Home

Crayon marks are one of the most common marks found on walls and around the home. Our maids in Frisco, TX recommend using the old favorite do-it-all solution, WD-40, for cleaning these marks. Lightly spray the WD-40 on the crayon mark. Wipe with a clean paper towel. Don’t worry, WD-40 is not an oil. WD stands for “water displacement” and is not used as a lubricant as is commonly thought. Wipe again with warm water and diluted dish washing liquid to clean the crayon and everything else from the wall.

Cleaning Generic Marks from Walls

Art gum eraser is your friend and first line of defense when cleaning any mark off of a wall. Use the art gum eraser just like any other eraser. Apply just to the mark and attempt to rub off. If this doesn’t work, use a little baking soda or non-gel toothpaste as your next lines of attack. Rub a little in with your finger or corner of a cloth. Make sure you only apply to the mark on the wall.

Do you have any other methods that clean stubborn wall marks around your residence? Please add any cleaning tips you would like to share to the comments below. Our Frisco maid service would love to hear from you.

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