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How to Clean Electric Ovens the Easy Way

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As clean on the inside as it is on the outside? Our Plano maid service knows.

Over the years, our Plano maid service has gone through many methods of cleaning out oven gunk. Oven cleaning is not part of Land of Clean‘s standard cleaning checklist, but can be added by our customers as needed at minimal extra cost. The Land of Clean maids in Plano have a few tips if you would like to do this yourself.

The Self-Cleaning Setting is Tempting but Don’t Do It

Almost every electric oven sold and installed today has a temperature setting at the highest end of the dial labelled “Self-Cleaning“. Sounds great doesn’t it? Just turn the dial all the way to the right, wait a few hours and viola – the oven is clean! Our cleaning service in Plano advises against cleaning the oven in this manner. The goal of the self-cleaning option is to heat the oven to a high enough temperature that any baked gunk will burn off. Heating elements in today’s electric oven are hidden behind drip shields so it is rare that they get dirty at all. The problem is that since the electric heating elements are hidden, they are difficult to ventilate at high temperatures. Setting the oven to self-cleaning raises the internal oven temperature to around 1,000 degrees, much higher than normal top baking degrees of around 500. Setting the oven to a temperature of 1,000 degrees for the several hours needed for self-cleaning may damage internal components such as blowing fuses and burning other internal components. Fixing the oven in such a case may involve extra costs and hassles of pulling out the oven to get at shielded heating elements and fuses.

If the self-cleaning oven temperature option is so damaging to electric ovens, the question is why do manufacturers include this option on most ovens sold today. The answer, according to salespeople in the industry, is that ovens without this option are almost impossible to sell. Incredible but true.

Store Bought Oven Cleaners

Store bought cleaners such as Easy-Off work great on ovens with interior porcelain finishes. Follow the directions on the Easy-Off bottle and stay away from that self- cleaning temperature setting.

Homemade Electric Oven Cleaner

Our Plano, TX maids‘ ammonia cleaning method is one of our favorites for electric ovens. Do not use this method on gas ovens, only electric ovens. If you do use this on gas ovens, make sure that the oven’s pilot light is extinguished and gas lines are completely shut off.

First, turn on the oven and heat to 150 degrees. Put 1/2 cup of ammonia in a small bowl and place on the upper oven rack and a large pan of boiling water on the lower oven rack. Close the electric oven door and let sit overnight. The next morning, remove the bowl and pan. Leave the oven door open to air out a little. Then add the ammonia to a quart of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wipe off the grease and grime in the oven. Everything should come off easily.

Do you want Land of Clean to stop by and clean your oven? We would be happy to do it. Please call us at (214) 865-6166.

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