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How to Clean Lampshades

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Cleaning Lampshades

From time to time even the best maids in Frisco are asked the best way to clean lampshades without damaging or smudging the lampshade surface material. The best way to clean depends on the type of lampshade and type of dirt on the lamp. Our cleaning service team in Frisco provides us with a few of the best ways to clean up. Scorch marks caused by hot lights cannot be cleaned and the lampshade will need to be replaced if the spot bothers you.

Plastic Shades Cleaning Tips

Plastic shades are easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. After drying well, apply a light coat of spray furniture polish to keep them shining.  Before wetting these shades, we suggest dusting them and removing any cobwebs or other loose dirt.

How to Clean Cloth and Fabric Shades that are Stitched

Use a clean duster or vacuum to remove all light dust and cobwebs from the shade.  Fill a bathtub with cool water and mild soap. Remove the shade and gently roll it on its side in the filled tub. Empty the tub and refill with clean cool water.  Swirl the fabric lampshade to rinse off any excess soap. Remove the cleaned shade from the tub, set upright and allow to dry.

Cleaning Parchment and Paper Shades and Shades with Glue

You can use a clean duster or vacuum to clean these shades just like cloth fabric shades. Don’t wet clean this type of shade.  Pick up a soot and dirt removal sponge at the local hardware center. The sponge should only be used dry on a dry shade and acts like a giant dirt eraser.

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