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How to Clean Unusual Spots on Carpets

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Careful with that mustard covered hot dog!

Most people have a general idea how to clean common spills on carpets such as wine and coffee. But what happens if something sticky or unusual becomes embedded in the carpet? Don’t fear, our cleaning services in Plano, TX professionals have a few ideas on how to clean different types of rug spills and accidents.

 Cleaning Mustard and Tar on Rugs

Mustard and tar can be some not so unusual spotting problems in Texas, especially in the summer. Think of walking in the house from an asphalt driveway during a typical hot Texas summer or eating a hot dog while watching sports on television. It is very easy to track some tar or drop mustard on a carpet without even noticing. The old club soda trick is not really going to work too well with these stains. Our Plano maids recommend using glycerin instead. What is glycerin? Think of glycerol soap which is made from glycerin. The glycerin you want can be found in any local drugstore, usually in the skin care or hand care section. Choose a glycerin gel, not solid glycerin.

To lift these stains out of a carpet, rub some glycerin into the spot. Let stand for about 30 minutes to an hour. Grab some paper towels and carefully remove the spot using a lifting motion. Don’t spot or rub the stain. Repeat as many times as necessary until the mustard or tar is removed as much as possible. If the stain is still visible, follow up with a good spotter.

Lifting Ink Spots

Hair spray or rubbing alcohol are your best friends if you find an ink spot on the carpet. Spray or blot these items onto the ink stain. Blot well until ink is lifted from the rug. For heavier stains, try denatured alcohol to remove the ink. You can use a spotter as follow up to make sure everything is clear.

Soot Cleaning Tip

Don’t panic if soot from the fireplace lands on your carpet. Trying to pick up a pile of soot on carpet with a towel or sweeping with a broom is a bad idea. You will find that some soot is removed, but the carpet will be smudged. Instead, pour a little salt over the spill. Wait for about 2 hours. Using the hose from your vacuum, vacuum up all of the salt and soot. Repeat as necessary. Be careful not to put pressure on the soot with the hose attachment. As always, follow up with a spotter.

Removing Glue from Carpet

Our house cleaners apparently can’t go a day without mentioning white vinegar as one of the best all round allies in keeping a house clean. Well, white vinegar is one of the best ways to remove normal glue from carpets. Fully saturate the area of your carpet containing glue with undiluted white vineger. Using a sturdy or synthetic rag that won’t shed fibers or material, slowly lift the glue out of the carpet fibers using an upward motion. Repeat as necessary and follow up with a spotter.

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