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How to Make a Spray Bottle Work in any Position

House Cleaning with a Modified Spray Bottle

There is nothing more frustrating when cleaning around the house than when the cleaning spray bottle being used runs low on detergent or cleaning fluid.  As it becomes empty, tipping the spray bottle at an angle to hit hard to reach surfaces is an increasingly difficult task.  Pumping the spray head invariably leads to air being sprayed out instead of much needed liquid cleaner.  Such situations happen when the end of the tube inside the spray bottle is no longer submerged in liquid as the sprayer is tilted.  Luckily for our house cleaners in Frisco, this is not a problem.  At Land of Clean, we make sure that all of our maids and cleaners leave our office with full spray bottle each morning.  For those who don’t use our service (and we wish you did), here is a way to prolong the life of any spray bottle around the house.

First, gather the following items: flexible tubing with 1/8 inch inner diameter (such as aquarium air pump tubing), five 1/4 inch stainless steel nuts, scissors and glue.

Second, cut old tubing in spray bottle about an inch below the spray head.  Attach new flexible tubing to this remaining shorter tube on the spray head with glue to make sure it holds.

Third, twist the steel nuts to the bottom of the flexible tubing.  Usually five nuts will work fine.

Finally, screw the spray head and tubing back into the spray bottle.  When the bottle is turned to the side or upside down, the weight of the nuts will pull the flexible tubing to the lowest point in the bottle.  Feel free to spray away at all those hard to reach places that need cleaning.  The spray cleaning bottle is now your friend!

For a video on how to construct this alteration and more detailed instructions, please visit our friends at Instructables. How to Make a Spray Bottle That Works in any Direction/Position – Instructables.

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