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How to Remove Pet Hair from Fabrics the Frisco House Cleaning Way

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This guy loves couches.

Most of the houses that we clean in Frisco, TX have at least one pet. Being dog owners ourselves, we love pets, but not necessarily the fur that accumulates around the house. Anything on the floor is easy enough to vacuum clean or mop up. The hard part about pet hair removal are the stragglers that end up on upholstered couches and chairs. Our Frisco maids carry a few special vacuum attachments that do the work, but for the ordinary homeowner here are a few methods to de-fur your couches.

  1. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner with flat attachment.
  2. Go to a pet store and buy a handheld scraper that looks like an ice scraper, but with a rubber edge. Use this to gently scrape the fur off of the couch. These work great.
  3. Wrap some scotch tape around your hands and tamp onto the fabric. Replace tape as needed.
  4. Wipe affected areas with a used dryer fabric softener sheet.
  5. Use a damp sponge to wipe furniture as needed, making sure to re-wet as needed.
  6. Put on some rubber gloves and wipe down the area. The rubber will grab the fur much like the scraper mentioned in #2 above.

The scotch tape method also works well on clothes for removing any lint or hair. We hope that one of these methods work for you. If not, or if you need any help cleaning up around the house, please call our Frisco house cleaners at the Land of Clean today at (214) 865-6166 or get your free house cleaning quote below. We are ready and willing to make your life as clean and easy as possible.

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