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How to Return to a Clean Home after Traveling

Maids in Carrollton, TX

Flying home to a clean house in Carrollton, TX

Nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty house after a soothing vacation or stressful business trip. Our maids in Carrollton, TX have a great pre-trip to-do list that will make your return to a clean home as peaceful and relaxing as your vacation.

Take Out the Trash

If you do nothing else, make sure that you take out the trash. Who knows what lurks in that trashcan and what it will smell like after a few days ripening. If you live in Texas, whether in Carrollton or the surrounding areas, then you know that leaving a bag of undisturbed trash will attract roaches or ants. Save yourself the headache of fighting bugs and having to drag a smelly trashcan outside after a long trip home. The Land of Clean Carrollton, TX maid service recommends putting everything needed to be thrown out in the trashcan before your trip (including soon to be stale food) bag up and toss out. Nothing is worse than coming home to a smelly, stale house.

Put Clean Bedsheets on the Bed

Second on the maid’s list of making the return home as peaceful as possible is having a clean fresh bed. Most people don’t sleep well on the road or on airplanes. Take a few extra minutes to remove dirty sheets and put on a fresh set. A familiar bed with clean sheets is all you need to wake up refreshed the next day and be ready for work.

Wipe Down and Clean the Countertops

Similar to taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen and bath countertops are key to returning to a fresh smelling and bug-free house. A clutter free area also helps reduce the stress that comes from modern day travel. Your post-vacation self will thank you for wiping down all the surfaces prior to travel, even if only quickly removing crumbs and obvious dirt.

Run a Dishwashing Load

Put all your dirty dishes into the dishwasher. And our maids will always say not to forget to put the coffeepot and coffee ground basket in the dishwasher to clean as well. A few days away from the house and who knows what will be growing on these items. This is the one time not to be concerned about only running the dishwasher if full of dishes. Just put everything that’s dirty in the dishwasher, load with cleaning powder and turn it on. If you have any dirty dish sponges or dishrags by the sink, this might be a good time to toss them in the dishwasher to clean as well. Make sure that they are securely wedged in place before closing the dishwasher door.

Clear Away the Clutter

Grab any dirty clothes laying around the house and toss in the hamper. Straighten items on tabletops. Tidy up items on bathroom counters. Make sure that nothing is laying around on the floor. All these tasks can be done quickly, and don’t have to be done perfectly. Just give your home a slightly neater appearance before leaving on your trip.

If you need someone to come over to your house to clean before or after your trip, please call our Land of Clean maids in Carrollton, TX at (214) 865-6166. We also offer free online cleaning quotes. Call or contact us at Land of Clean today!



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