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How to Use Ice to Spot Clean Carpets

House Cleaning in Frisco, TX

Keep the candles and gum away from this carpet.

While house cleaning in Frisco, TX, our maids will often come across a few sticky situations. Gum stuck in the carpet is a real vacuum cleaner enemy and wax typically won’t lift out of rugs even after a few cleaning passes with the vacuum. The best solution to cleaning up these two types of messes is to clean them off of rugs or carpets as soon as possible. Don’t use the usual household solutions like club soda, water and blotting. These sticky carpet disasters require a unique solution, ice.

Cleaning Away Candle Wax

Don’t panic if a candle drips wax onto your carpet. It can be removed with some ice and a hot iron. Start by placing ice into a plastic bag. Lay the bag on the wax spot, making sure that the wax freezes. Chip off as much wax as possible. A fork works well for this. Then grab a brown paper grocery bag. Open up the bag, making sure not to use an area of brown paper with writing on it. Place the brown paper on the carpet onto wax spot remnants. Press down on top with a hot iron set to medium/hot. Move the brown paper as it absorbs the wax, making sure you don’t redeposit the wax back on the carpet. Repeat this process until as much wax as possible is gone. Finish up the cleaning with a good carpet spot cleaner.

Removing Gum

Chewing gum presents a similar problem to that of candle wax on carpet. Any homeowner will naturally panic upon finding someone has dropped gum on the carpet. Don’t panic. Follow our Frisco house cleaner tips and most if not all of the gum can be removed. Put ice in a plastic bag. Place the bag on the gum spot and freeze the gum. Once frozen, chip off as much gum as possible. Grab a little petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) and work into remaining gum, rolling the gum into it. Scrape up the jelly and gum. Finish up with a good carpet spot cleaner.

Bonus: Removing Carpet Indentations

Are you moving out of a rental or rearranging furniture and need to even out carpet indentations? Ice cubes also come in handy in puffing up carpet depressions caused by heavy furniture. Put ice cubes in the carpet indentations caused by furniture. Make sure that all of the depressed area is covered. Leave the ice overnight. Fluff this area of the carpet with the prongs of a fork the next day. Repeat as necessary. Hopefully all carpet indentations will be gone without too much effort.

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