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January Checklist for Plano, TX House Cleaning

Plano, TX house cleaning

Clean and store carefully.

The Holidays are Over. Let’s Clean Up!

January is the time of the year to put away decorations and clean up the house of extra clutter. Here are a few ways to tidy up and keep the house clean after a busy holiday season.


Remove ornaments from the Christmas tree before removing lights. Dust each ornament as it is removed and then store away in its box. A soft cloth or used fabric softener dryer sheet will do the job. Our Plano maids recommend cleaning and dusting with a soft cloth.  Wrap the ornament in the used dryer sheet or packing tissue paper and carefully stack in layers in a large sturdy box. Silk ornaments that are becoming a little unraveled can be sprayed with a little hair spray to keep everything in place then stored in egg cartons. Mark each box with a description of what’s inside. At the very least mark each box as containing Christmas ornaments. You never know who will come across the boxes over the next 12 months and you don’t want that person mishandling or stacking the boxes and harming the ornaments.

Christmas Trees

Artificial trees are the easiest to put away. After removing ornaments and lights, disassemble the tree and fold the artificial tree limbs according to instruction. Put the tree back in the box it came in for storage. Make sure that the tree is stored in a box or at least wrapped securely in plastic to avoid dust and cobwebs from attic or garage. Be careful with natural Christmas trees. You can’t prevent dead needles shedding from the tree but try to minimize them. Our Plano, TX cleaning service recommends using an extra large garbage bag or tree bag to wrap the tree prior to throwing it out. Spread the bag on the floor. Have a helper hold the tree base while a second person lifts the tree. Lay the tree on the plastic garbage or tree bag and wrap it up. Both people should then carefully carry the tree out of the house and avoid any objects in the way.

Wrapping Paper, Ribbons and Bows

We recommend throwing away wrapping paper. Saving paper seems like a good idea but is usually an exercise in futility. New paper looks better than wrinkled recycled wrapping paper. Save all ribbon though. Roll the ribbon around existing ribbon rolls or old toilet paper tubes. Pre-made bows are easy to save. Store these stacked lightly in labeled boxes for use next year.

List Holiday Items

Keep a list of all the items you stored and where you stored them.  Also list what items you will need to buy for next year. Keep the list handy. If you see any post holiday sales or summer sales, take the opportunity to pick up Christmas items and ornaments at a savings.

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