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Keep the Bathroom Clean in Only 5 Minutes a Day

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At Land of Clean, we enjoy cleaning Frisco bathrooms.

So you love cleaning the bathroom? Well, you are one of the few. Most people would happily trade cleaning the bathroom with almost any other household cleaning activity. Land of Clean‘s maid service in Frisco, TX have a few tips to keep the bathroom clean everyday. These short tasks can be done in 5 minutes and will ensure that you will wake up to a nice clean bathroom every morning. Here are our Frisco housecleaning tips:

  1. In the first minute, clean off and de-clutter all surfaces. Simply put, straighten out the countertops by putting everything used back in place such as toothbrushes, razors, lotions, etc. On the floor, toss dirty clothes and towels in the hamper.
  2. Clean the surfaces in minute two. Wipe down countertops, sinks and the toilet seat. Spray shower with a daily shower cleaner or white vinegar.
  3. The third minute is for straightening. Close the shower curtain. Fold and straighten towels. Make sure everything on the counter is straight and in place.
  4. In the forth minute, wipe down all shiny surfaces such as the mirror and faucets.
  5. Minute five is assessment time. Check out all your work that needed to be done in the first four minutes and touch up any areas that were missed.

For this quick cleanup method to work, you must do it every day. Even one or two days missed may mean dried toothpaste or shaving cream gathering on countertops and mirrors, piles of clothes, etc. The weekend cleanup will be much harder.

Good luck! Please give our cleaning service in Frisco, TX a call at 214-865-6166 to clean your bathroom if you’d rather not do it yourself. Our house cleaners at the Land of Clean enjoy keeping everything nice and tidy.

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