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Make Your Own Homemade Garbage Disposal Cleaner

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Lemons are the secret weapon for green maid service.

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Sometimes you need maid service, but most of the time doing just a little cleaning each day will make life brighter.  Lemons are the secret weapon we use to keep our Texas kitchens clean and garbage disposals fresh. Combining lemon with baking soda or white vinegar is a green cleaning method that will not only keep your home fresh, but will be gentle on your pipes and plumbing and won’t pollute the environment. Follow either of these two methods below to keep your kitchen garbage disposal clean and fresh all year long.

Lemon and Baking Soda Cleaning Method

Does your sink smell bad?  Most likely, your drain or garbage disposal is the culprit. The simplest way to clean and freshen your kitchen disposal is to place half of a lemon and about a handful of baking soda down the disposal.  Turn on the water and run the disposal.  Keep running until the lemon is gone.  Self cleaning at your service!  We recommend doing this once a month for optimal freshness.   How to Control Garbage Disposal Odors from eHow.

Natural Cleaning with Lemon Ice Cubes

Dropping ice down the disposal to keep the blades sharp is one of those tales that supposedly is true.  We can’t vouch for this, but we do know that  ice cubes made of white vinegar and a slice of lemon will keep the disposal clean and smelling fresh.  If you can’t use our maid service to clean your Plano, Texas house, just follow these simple steps. Place a slice of lemon and white vinegar in each cube and place in freezer.  Wait until the ice tray is completely frozen.  Take out one lemon vinegar cube and drop it into the disposal each day to keep it clean.  We thank our friends at Turnstyle Vogue for this unique lemon vinegar cleaning method.

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