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Memorial Day Pre-Travel House Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Frisco TX

Packed and ready to go to the ranch in the new SUV.

Save time before going on the road this summer with this house cleaning and prep checklist. These tips offer some ideas of what to do before going on a road trip, but will also save you some of the headaches and stress of coming home to a dirty house after being away from Frisco for a long weekend.

  1. Throw away all perishables in the refrigerator and clean out old or unused items. Give shelves a quick wipe.
  2. Hide your valuables in a safe place. Don’t hide anything in the freezer or chest of drawers. These are obvious places to look.
  3. Contact the post office to suspend mail delivery while you are gone.
  4. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house and pick up any newspapers or advertising door hangers that may accumulate. Also leave the neighbor your cell phone number and a house key if you prefer.
  5. To keep plants from dying, fill a bathtub with a an inch or so of water. Place the potted houseplants in the partially filled bathtub. This will keep the soil moist while you are gone for at least a week or two.
  6. Turn off all small electrical appliances. Unplug them if needed.
  7. If someone in your house smokes, make sure all ashtrays are emptied and cleaned. The house will be fresher when you return.
  8. If you have a rodent or bug problem, lay out traps prior to leaving. Rodents especially will notice that the house is empty and will become braver the longer you are gone.
  9. Put lights on an automatic timer and leave shades open enough to appear that someone is home.
  10. Turn the air conditioning to a warmer setting.
  11. Lock all windows and doors.

Everyone at Land of Clean hopes you have a great Memorial Day weekend and summer, even if you are staying home to barbeque instead of going on a trip.

Please call us for house cleaning Frisco TX style either before or after your trip if you need help cleaning up. Call us today at (214) 865-6166 or get your free quote on maid service below.

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