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More Ways to Clean with White Vinegar in the Bathroom


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White vinegar is just one of our house cleaning services in Frisco, TX green cleaning tips.

Our maid service in Frisco, TX has a few more ways to use white vinegar for cleaning. White vinegar is one of the greenest, yet most effective ways to clean and freshen around the house.

Use White Vinegar to Clean Shower Surfaces

White vinegar is a great tool to remove soap scum, buildup and mildew from sinks, baths and shower. First, grab a clean spray bottle. Warm up some white vinegar and fill the spray bottle. Now spray the tub, sinks and shower thoroughly. Let stand for at least 15 minutes. Using a nylon scrubbing sponge, scrub away all the dirt and scum from the sprayed areas. Repeat as necessary until clean.

Mineral deposits around the drain require more time to soak in vinegar for maximum effect. Stop up or close the drains in the sinks and bathtubs. Pour white vinegar onto the closed drain enough to cover the drain area plus some. Let stand overnight. The next day, scrub the area with a nylon scrubbing sponge. After finishing, open the drain and rinse well.

Remove mineral deposits from Shower Heads

Over time, shower heads will experience reduced water flow from built up mineral deposits. Find a plastic bag large enough to fit just over the shower head. Fill the bag with white vinegar, place over the shower head and tie off. Make sure that the tie or rubber bands used to secure the bag over the shower head is strong enough to support the weight of the added white vinegar.  Leave overnight then remove. Using and old toothbrush and a toothpick, scrub and poke the shower head holes until mineral deposits are loosened. Now turn on the shower full blast with hot water to remove any remaining deposits. Enjoy your next shower!

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