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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

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Just like trying to find the best maid service in Frisco, when looking for a good carpet cleaning company make sure that you ask all the right questions beforehand. Here are a few questions to ask carpet cleaners that should put you on the right track.

Ask Friends and Do Your Research on Cleaners

When beginning the search for a professional carpet cleaning service, always as around first. Friends, neighbors and coworkers are good leads if they have used cleaners in the past. During the process, call as many carpet cleaning companies as possible and ask the questions below.

What is the Method of Carpet Cleaning

The best method to clean carpet is to use a steam cleaner. Ask each company if they use a portable unit or a truck mounted unit. Truck mounted units are better than portable steam cleaners. Truck units have a much greater degree of extraction power and will get the carpets cleaner.

Does the Cleaner Use a Hot or Cold Water System

Hot water is best to use when removing dirt and stubborn ground-in soil. Truck-based steam cleaning systems will use tap water from your house to heat water in the truck to power its steam cleaner.

What is the Level of Experience

Make sure that the company and its employees have years of experience cleaning carpets.

Does the Cleaner Carry Insurance

Insurance if important to all cleaning companies, including maid services and carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning companies will not only be using hot water inside of your house, but will be moving furniture throughout the process. The company needs to be insured to pay for any damages to carpets, furniture or walls during this cleaning process.

What is the Price per Square Foot

One of the most important aspects of getting carpets cleaned is understanding total cost of the cleaning and how that cost is calculated. You should have all this information upfront before starting the carpet cleaning process. Measure your entire house that is covered by carpet including rooms, hallways, closets, bathrooms and any other areas of the house. Make sure to ask the carpet cleaning company if there are any square foot limitations per room and list each room in your house and if those rooms meet the limitation. Find out ahead of time if hallways, closets and other areas count as a whole room if the cleaning company does its pricing by room.

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