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Sheading a little light on how to clean your lamp shade…


A  clean shade can REALLY brighten your room!

A clean shade can REALLY brighten your room!

A Little Light On Lamp Shades…


Lamp shades have one purpose, OK maybe two if it is subing as a party hat, but mostly just one…to set the mood and softening light in a room. And this is achieved best when they are clean.

The best way to prevent grime from building up and making itself at home on your lamp shades is to simply vacuum them when you vacuum the room (daily, weekly, whatever your schedule is). Buuuut we all are guilty of neglecting these little buggers. So lets talk cleaning…

To Remove serious dirt:

The safest way to clean lamp shades after you have dusted/vacuums them is to use a special sponge that is ment to be used dry, known as a “dry-cleaning sponge” and can be found at your local hardware store. Try this on any shade, but be sure to only use this instead of water on paper and or any other shades with glue. (the water can break down the glue binding).

Fabric Shades That Are Stitched:

Unlike shades that are glued, these can be washed in the bathtub, yes the bathtub! Fill the tub with a few inches of water and add a couple of tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Work up a lather and then place the shades one by one in the tub, placing them on their side and rolling them in the soapy water. Gently wipe away any stubborn dirt. Drain the tub, fill with fresh water and repeat the process. Dry the cloth shades by pressing as much water out as you can with a towel and finish up with a hair dryer.


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