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Simple Ways to Cleaning Home Electronics

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Cleaning and dusting electronics around the house.

According to our Carrollton, TX house cleaners, home electronics are dust and fingerprint magnets. At Land of Clean, our maids have a few tips on how to clean and maintain home electronics. They are happy to share a few ideas below. But first, remember to always turn off and unplug these items before cleaning.


PCs and laptops tend to be some of the dirtiest items in the house. Not only do they attract dust, but they are used by all members of the family every day. Keyboards can be especially messy. To get these really clean, our maids recommend a few steps. First, use a handheld vac or vacuum duster brush attachment to suck up any food or other large items that have fallen into the keyboard. You can also use specialty cans of compressed air to blow out dust or any other items trapped in the keyboard. These cleaners can be found at any electronics store. A cotton swab or q-tip can also be used to dust between keys. Next, apply a mild cleaning solution to the keyboard, but don’t overwet. Our Carrollton maids recommend cleaning with either a mixture of 1 part alcohol and 1 part water or undiluted denatured alcohol. Apply lightly to the keys with a cotton swab or q-tip. After dusting the computer screen, wipe it down using a lint-free rag and denatured alcohol. Finally, spray the screen with an anti-static spray to help keep it dust free.

Television Screens

Television screens are cleaned in the same manner as computer screens. First, dust of the screen as much as possible. Then, apply denatured alcohol with a clean lint-free cloth until all smudges and dust are removed. Finally, spray with an anti-static spray to maintain a dust-free screen longer. As with cleaning a computer and other electronic devices, always consult the manufacturer’s manual first for cleaning instructions. Some manufacturers have specific recommendations for their devices.

Stereo, Cable Box and DVD Equipment

Electronics such as stereos, cable boxes, dvd players and game consoles have large flat surfaces that collect mounds of dust. These items need to be dusted often to help prevent dust from eventually entering the interior of the devices. Our house cleaners recommend dusting first then applying denatured alcohol with a clean rag. If any of the items contain wood (such as stereo speakers), don’t apply denatured alcohol.


Telephones should be cleaned like any other household electronic device, but need an extra step to disinfect the receivers. Apply Listerine mouthwash (don’t overwet) with a clean cloth. Don’t wipe off for maximum effectiveness. Just let it air-dry and the Listerine will help kill any germs on the phone.

Dust Prevention

The Land of Clean maids have a couple of ways to help keep dust off of your electronic items. The first is to apply anti-static products as mentioned above. The second method is to create your own anti-static mixture. Combine 4 parts water with 1 part liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle. Lightly apply this to any surface that you would like to maintain dust-free. Similarly, wiping down areas with used fabric softener sheets can be just as effective.

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