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How To Spring Clean Your Mattress…


Land Of Clean tackles your Mattresses!

Land Of Clean tackles your Mattresses!

Land Of Clean is “Going to the Mattresses”…

If you have ever thought about cleaning your mattresses, here is a fun fact for you:

Dust mites are most certainly feasting on dander and mold spores just may be multiplying (YUCK!) Yes washing your sheets in HOT water and vacuuming the mattress can help keep dust mites under control, but lets take it a step further.

Periodic care and cleaning of your mattress will prolong its life and help keep allergies under control.

*At least every six months rotate your mattress end to end and vacuum the top surface. Use your brush attachment and be sure to cover the sides and end as well. This will not only remove the topical dust mites but the mold spores as well. Be sure to empty your vacuums canister outside.

*Once a year flip your mattress over and vacuum again.

Removing stains from your mattress can be a challenge since moisture is your mattresses worst enemy…

*use an upholstery shampoo or laundry detergent and water mixture. Mix together in a bucket until you have lots of suds and apply liberally to just the stained section using a circular motion. Use a dry towel draw out all the moisture you can. Since we know the risk of mold spores in our mattresses allow to dry fully before replacing your sheets. (i like to run my hair dryer over the cleaned spot to speed up the process)

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