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How to Make Your Own Furniture Cleaner and Polish

Does your wood furniture need a house cleaning Plano style? If yes, then keep it natural. Here are a couple of ways to naturally clean and polish wood items around […]

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Make Your Own Homemade Garbage Disposal Cleaner

More Cleaning Tips from our Dallas Maid Service Team Members Sometimes you need maid service, but most of the time doing just a little cleaning each day will make life […]

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Clean Rust Spots from Knives with Lemon Juice

Green Cleaning for Texas Kitchens A common question our maids hear is “Why do my stainless steel knives have rust on them and how can I clean them?” Believe it […]

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Homemade Cleaners for 5 Different Metals

Metal cleaners don’t always have to be store bought or full of unknown chemicals. When house cleaning, our Frisco, TX maids will often recommend to our clients that they can […]

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17 Ways to Use Lemons to Clean Around the House

Natural Cleaning with Lemons Everyone knows that we love finding new ways to clean naturally and use lemons at Land of Clean. Here is our latest list of different items […]

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How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

Land of Clean’s maid service in Frisco TX doesn’t clean cutting boards, but we do have a few tips on the best ways to clean and maintain one. Cleaning the […]

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Bathtub Cleaning Tips

Before starting the cleaning process, find out what type of tub is in your bathroom. Modern homes tend to have bathtubs made of three basic materials: porcelain, plastic and fiberglass. […]

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Easy Ways to Clean and Deodorize a Microwave

Simple Microwave Cleaning Just like our clients use our cleaning services in Plano, TX to do the maid work around the house, we suggest using the power of your microwave […]

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How to Clean Coffeemakers

Our house cleaners in Frisco, TX have a few tips on how to clean your coffeemaker. You should already have most of the suggested cleaning solutions around the house, such […]

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