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4 Natural Spot Cleaners for Fabrics

The maid service at Land of Clean’s Frisco, TX location put together a few ways to spot clean washable fabrics using natural/green ingredients. Before mixing together these cleaning formulas yourself, […]

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5 Cleaning Uses for Baking Soda

Here are more ideas and uses for baking soda from your favorite Plano maid service, Land of Clean. Baking soda is one of nature’s green wonders when it comes to […]

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Frisco TX Maids Tips for Carpet Spot Removal

The Frisco Maid’s Secret Weapon for Quick Spot Removal on Carpets and Rugs Did something just spill on your carpet? Don’t panic! Our Frisco, TX maids are here to give […]

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How to Clean Lampshades

Cleaning Lampshades From time to time even the best maids in Frisco are asked the best way to clean lampshades without damaging or smudging the lampshade surface material. The best […]

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Cleaning Up Pet Accidents on Upholstered Furniture

One question our Frisco, TX house cleaning service often gets is how to clean up pet accidents on upholstered couches. If you have a pet, an accident is bound to […]

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How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

Land of Clean’s maid service in Frisco TX doesn’t clean cutting boards, but we do have a few tips on the best ways to clean and maintain one. Cleaning the […]

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How to Use Ice to Spot Clean Carpets

While house cleaning in Frisco, TX, our maids will often come across a few sticky situations. Gum stuck in the carpet is a real vacuum cleaner enemy and wax typically […]

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How to Clean Unusual Spots on Carpets

Most people have a general idea how to clean common spills on carpets such as wine and coffee. But what happens if something sticky or unusual becomes embedded in the […]

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10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips from Our Maids in McKinney, TX

We surveyed our team of house cleaners and maids in McKinney, Texas for the best quick tips for cleaning around the kitchen. They came up with a few good ones […]

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6 Green Ways to Clean Couches and Chairs

Green cleaners might not always be the best, but our maids in Plano have found that these eco-friendly cleaning methods work in a pinch. Plus, it is very likely you […]

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