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5 Cleaning Uses for Baking Soda

Here are more ideas and uses for baking soda from your favorite Plano maid service, Land of Clean. Baking soda is one of nature’s green wonders when it comes to […]

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Keep the Bathroom Clean in Only 5 Minutes a Day

So you love cleaning the bathroom? Well, you are one of the few. Most people would happily trade cleaning the bathroom with almost any other household cleaning activity. Land of […]

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Cleaning Tile and Vinyl Floors

Cleaning Vinyl and Tile Floors is Easy Cleaning non-porous floors can be done quickly and simply. Water, soap, liquid wax (if you want to wax the floor) and a clean […]

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Tips on Cleaning and Waxing Wood Floors

The Land of Clean maids in Frisco Texas have been asked a few questions on the best way to clean and care for wood floors recently. We’ve compiled some of […]

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How to Use Ice to Spot Clean Carpets

While house cleaning in Frisco, TX, our maids will often come across a few sticky situations. Gum stuck in the carpet is a real vacuum cleaner enemy and wax typically […]

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Cleaning the House After a Super Bowl Party

Easy House Cleaning the¬†Frisco Maids Way Super Bowl time is also super mess and spillage time, at least at our parties. We don’t mind. Guests should have a good time […]

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How to Clean Unusual Spots on Carpets

Most people have a general idea how to clean common spills on carpets such as wine and coffee. But what happens if something sticky or unusual becomes embedded in the […]

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

Just like trying to find the best maid service in Frisco, when looking for a good carpet cleaning company make sure that you ask all the right questions beforehand. Here […]

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8 Ways to Clean with White Vinegar

The Plano and Frisco maids put their heads together and came up with some more great uses for white vinegar around the house. If you aren’t aware, the house cleaners […]

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