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How To Prevent Hard-Water Deposits and Stains…

Hard-Water Deposits, we all know them as colorful stains, whitish spots, or crusty deposits…in other words Ugly and Gross! Yet at the same time, also totally inevitable as the are […]

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How To Spring Clean Your Mattress…

  Land Of Clean is “Going to the Mattresses”… If you have ever thought about cleaning your mattresses, here is a fun fact for you: Dust mites are most certainly […]

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Spring Clean / Deep Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Simple Steps….

Spring Clean Your Kitchen In 10 SUPER EASY Steps!!!! 1. Scrub the inside of your stove with a baking soda-water paste. Combine a box of baking soda with water to […]

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How to simply clean and disinfect your cutting boards!

    How To Clean Our Cutting Boards…. Our cutting boards can be a breading ground (gross!) for deadly bacteria (kind of scary!) if not cleaned properly. There are two types of […]

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How To Take the “Stain” Out Of Stainless Steel Appliances!!

At Land of Clean we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you maintain your stainless steels’ sleek “like new” appearance!  How a simple Organic Oil Can Change […]

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Sheading a little light on how to clean your lamp shade…

  A Little Light On Lamp Shades…   Lamp shades have one purpose, OK maybe two if it is subing as a party hat, but mostly just one…to set the mood […]

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How to Clean Granite Countertops….

How to clean Granite… Countertops: First, always try warm water and a soft cloth or sponge…with granite, simple is always best. Allow caked-on food to soak a while prior to […]

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5 Everyday Cleaning Go-To Tips!!

5 Great Everyday Go-To Tips that we, at Land Of Clean, love to live by! Super simple things that make your every day cleaning that much better. 1.Get baked-on foods off pots […]

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How to Upkeep your Washer and Dryer…

A few simple tips to keep your Washer and Dryer working good as new… We depend on our washers and dryers to keep or clothes, sheets, shoes etc. clean and […]

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How to clean Rust Stains once and for all…

  Bust the Rust With These Go-To Tips On How To Clean Those Pesky Rust Stains… From Metal Baking Sheets (or other cook ware): Sprinkle powered dishwasher or laundry detergent […]

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