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Tips on Cleaning and Waxing Wood Floors

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The Land of Clean maids in Frisco Texas have been asked a few questions on the best way to clean and care for wood floors recently. We’ve compiled some of our best wood floor cleaning ideas into some short tips below. If you have any other suggestions or house cleaning methods, please add your comments. We love hearing from our customers.

Floor Dusting

When dusting floors, our maids prefer to use a vacuum first. While dust mops do a great job, vacuum first to pick up larger items and to remove the dust from the floor instead of spreading around the house. After sucking up dust with the vacuum, the floors will still naturally have a thin layer of dust left over. Grab a dust mop or Swiffer disposable dust mop and run over the wood floors to clean any remnants left over. Quick tip: always clean floors last when cleaning houses. Our rule at Land of Clean is to always clean in order from top to bottom. Remember, dirt and dust follow the laws of gravity.

Natural Wood Floor Cleaning with Tea

The tannic acid in tea is a great natural cleaner. Our maids will put together some other ideas for cleaning with tea in a future post (such as natural glass cleaners). To clean floors naturally, our maids have a great recipe using black tea commonly found in most homes. Brew a quart of water with 2 teabags. Remove from heat and let stand until the tea comes to room temperature. Use a rag or damp soft mop to clean floors with the tea. Make sure to wring out the mop or rag before applying to floor so that the wood does not get too wet. Clean dirt and dust from the rag or mop often so that each time tea is applied to the floor it is doing its job. Buff the floor with a soft cloth as needed. It is as simple as that.

Cleaning Products for Finished Wood Floors

Unless you need a professional re-waxing for wood floors, our maids in Frisco typically use and recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean and preserve wood floors. Add about 1/4 a cup to a gallon of warm water. If the floor is really dirty, our maids recommend adding up to 1/2 a cup per gallon of water. Like using black tea to clean floors, apply Murphy’s with a well wrung out rag or mop. Mop up all excess liquid and make sure the mop or rag stays clean through the process. Only use on finished floors.

Repairing Scratches

Wax crayons are the best method to repair scratches in wood floors. We’re not talking Crayolas though, go to your local hardware store. They will have wax crayons specifically formulated and colored to fill in wood scratches. Rub the crayon into the scratch and then heat the wax with a blow dryer. Buff the area with a clean rag. Take a look at the wood floor. The scratch should be blended naturally into the surrounding area and unnoticeable. It is as easy as that.

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