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Toilet Cleaning Tips from Frisco, TX

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All toilets look clean when the top is down.

Easy Cleaning the Frisco Way

For those of you fortunate enough not to wear dentures, you may not know how great denture cleaning tablets work. To help clean up residual stains in the toilet bowl, our Frisco cleaning service has a tip. Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets in the bowl at night and let stand until the morning. On the next day, use a toilet brush under the rim and flush everything away.

Cleaning Rust

Cleaning up toilet bowl rust is a common problem that our maids in Frisco, TX encounter on a weekly, if not daily basis. Frisco hardware stores and grocery stores will carry acid based cleaning solutions that do work on these rust stains. Instead of using a store bought cleaner or detergent, once a month put some Tang or powdered lemon Kool Aid around the top dry areas of the bowl, around the edges of the toilet bowl water and in the water. You can do this at night or before going to work (or at least let stand for an hour). Brush and flush. Repeat if necessary. Why do these products work? It is the citric acid which occurs naturally in oranges and lemons that does all the work. As an added bonus, if you have a dog that enjoys some delicious toilet water, he will certainly appreciate this treat every month.

Cleaning Hard Water Rings

If you’ve read any other of our Frisco maids cleaning advice then you will already have two cleaning items in your house, white vinegar and borax. First, shut off the water to you toilet tank. Second, flush the toilet until the tank and bowl are empty. Then, spray white vinegar around the bowl and sprinkle borax on the white vinegar. We recommend letting this formula stand for at least 30 minutes. Scrub with a fine drywall sandpaper found at any home store. Repeat as necessary until the hard water ring is gone.

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