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Use Baking Soda to Clean a Glass Cooktop

Fingerprints, grease splashes, boil overs and gunk seem to live and be magnified on modern ceramic glass stovetops. Bring that shine back to new with this little secret from our Frisco, TX maid cleaning team. Specialized and store bought cleaners aren’t necessary. All you need is some hot water, a little liquid dish soap, some baking soda, a bowl and a rag to clean with.

Fill the bowl with warm tap water and some dish soap. Submerge the rag into the bowl of water so that it is thoroughly soaked. Grab a box of baking soda and apply generously to the dirty areas.

Frisco TX maid

Our Frisco maids love baking soda as a cleaner.

Remove the rag from the soap water and wring it out enough to that it is wet but not soaking wet.  Lay the rag flat over the area spread with baking soda covering the gunk you want cleaned. Try to find a rag or towel large enough to cover the entire area you want to clean. Wait 15 minutes. For really dirty cooktops, you can leave the warm soapy rag on longer.

After 15 minutes are up, wipe the stovetop in circles using the rag. Our maids in Frisco recommend using gloves when cleaning using this method. The baking soda will have turned to a paste that can be used to scrub off all the grease and grime on the cooktop. Clean off the soap with a clean wet rag and dry the surface when you are finished. Once to top is dry, spray some Windex or other glass cleaner and wipe off for a really good shine.

For help cleaning around the house, including stovetops, please give our Frisco maids a call at 214-865-6166. The Land of Clean is always ready to take charge and leave every house sparkling clean!

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