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Use WD-40 to Remove Crayon Marks

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Crayon Displacement, 40th Formula

We’ve learned while house cleaning McKinney, TX homes that crayons can be some of the most frustrating marks experienced by homeowners. Try to rub them off and they will smudge. Heat them and they will melt but not go away. What’s the best way to get rid of crayon marks? The Land of Clean maid service pros have a couple of suggestions.

Removing Crayon from Fabric

It happens. Crayons in the hands of a child will eventually rub of on his own clothing, upholstered furniture, bedding or something else made of fabric. Don’t despair and don’t put the fabric directly in the washing machine. Grab some WD-40 first. Lay the the marked piece of fabric on some paper towels, spray with WD-40 and let stand for a few minutes. Turn the fabric over and do the same to the other side. Now use some dishwashing liquid and clean rag on the affected area, moving to a clean spot on the rag or using a new rag as the crayon transfers off of the fabric. Next, rinse off the dishwashing liquid. Afterwards, place the fabric in the washing machine and set the water temperature at the hottest allowed for the color and fabric. Use any standard color safe bleach in the washing machine to finish off the process.

Getting Crayon Marks Off of Walls

Removing crayon marks from walls involves a similar process, minus the washing machine. Spray the crayon mark with WD-40. Wipe with a paper towel. Repeat if the crayon mark is a heavy one. Now, using a circular motion, lift the crayon off of the wall with a rag, hot water, and dishwashing liquid. Finally, rinse the spot well in order to remove all dishwashing soap.

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